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AMW Legal Practitioners Announces Book Launch of Managing Partner James Banda

We are delighted to share exciting news from AMW Legal Practitioners – a momentous occasion that mar

ks the book launch of our Managing Partner, James Banda. The event was hosted at the prestigious International Dispute Resolution Centre in London on the 27th of November 2023.

James Banda, a distinguished legal professional and key contributor to the book, has played a pivotal role in the creation of "FIDIC Contracts in Africa and the Middle East." This groundbreaking publication, edited by the esteemed Donald Charrett, brings together leading experts in the field to provide invaluable insights into the complexities of FIDIC contracts in these dynamic regions.

The book launch event was a grand affair, attended by luminaries in the legal world. Among the distinguished contributors and speakers were Donald Charrett, Sir Rupert Jackson, Johan Beyers of the Maisels Group in South Africa, and Dr. Elina Mereminskaya of Wagemann Arbitration in Chile. Each contributor brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the event, making it a gathering of some of the finest legal minds in the industry.

James Banda's contribution to the book underscores his commitment to advancing legal knowledge and promoting excellence in the field of international dispute resolution. His expertise in FIDIC contracts, coupled with his dedication to providing clients with top-tier legal services, has positioned him as a thought leader in the industry.

The book itself is a comprehensive guide that addresses the unique challenges and considerations associated with FIDIC contracts in the diverse legal landscapes of Africa and the Middle East. It promises to be an invaluable resource for legal practitioners, academics, and anyone involved in international construction and infrastructure projects in these regions.

As a law firm, AMW Legal Practitioners takes great pride in the accomplishments of our team members, and James Banda's book launch is a testament to the caliber of professionals that make up our firm. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to James on this remarkable achievement.

For those interested in acquiring a copy of "FIDIC Contracts in Africa and the Middle East," it is available for purchase at leading bookstores and online retailers. This publication is not only a reflection of James Banda's expertise but also a valuable addition to the libraries of legal professionals worldwide.

Once again, congratulations to James Banda on this significant achievement. We look forward to continuing our commitment to excellence in the legal field and providing our clients with unparalleled legal services.


AMW Legal Practitioners

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